Peyman Eskandari

Try everything, absolutely Everything!

September 11, 2023
2 minutes read
Try everything, absolutely Everything!

With all the new tools we’ve heard about in the past few months like Astro, Qwik, and Bun, again here and on YouTube is filled with hard conclusions that these are the killers of their equivalent tools and we all need to abandon what we are using now.

I was thinking about a post I wrote in 2020, to talk about Learn fundamentals, there always will be another framework!. It was almost a flashback to me.

What do I do at these times?

I know you didn’t ask but whatever. I’ll try everything. That’s just me, I love trying new things, getting new ideas, and making a cool project with it. To me, that’s how I learn things. I already moved from Gatsby to Astro for my website. And created a few more small projects (which I’ll show to you soon) with Astro and Qwik. So now if I want to start a new project I have a tiny idea of which tools can I use. Which tool gives me more power, better DX, and better performance for that project? I bold the last part, so you’ll notice it. If you’re familiar at a beginner level you have a better understanding of how to decide about the right tool for your project.

It’s all about building things!

I only can build my projects using the tools I know, right? So I’ll try to get familiar with new things so I have more options. I’m not saying I’m an expert on any of these. I only want to have some fun on weekends enjoying building something new just for myself. And maybe, just maybe someday I’ll need one of these tools or projects (or the concept behind it) in a professional matter, and it already happened a few times 😊

2024. Inspired from a lot of websites and developed by copying from tutorials (just kidding 😬).